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Some of you might have noticed how slow and sporadic my tags have been lately.  I'm really sorry about that.  My job just piled on the hours recently and since I work with kids I've been getting every germ and bug that's come through lately, and my concentration really lags when I'm sick.

I'll try to tag when I can, but I'll probably keep on being real slow for the next few weeks.  Sorry for anybody I'm inconveniencing.  If you want to hand-wave some interaction or anything so your character knows where they're at with mine, I'm up for it.  Just shoot me a PM.

- Des


Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself since I haven't yet, I'm Stephy and I'll be writing the lovely Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. And, secondly, I'd like to say sorry for spamming your fl on this New Years Eve. About two weeks ago I went back home for Christmas, and I thought I'd have lots of time to post and such, but I realized why I moved in the first place. I really haven't been able to write or go online much since I've been here, and while I am still here, I somehow managed to get some writing in today.

Happy New Year!

In celebration of the turning of the year, the Cafe has decided that everyone deserves the chance to get a little tipsy.  So for tonight and tonight only, no matter what characters order off the menu, it will come with a liberal dose of alcohol in it.  Coffee will get Irish'd, pie will get flambe'd, pasta will be covered in vodka sauce...

Characters are free to notice or not notice that they've been slipped some new years cheer.  What drunken exploits go on in the Cafe?  Stay in the Cafe.

Also a reminder to players that the December Activity Checks will be coming up soon.  Every player must post a total of 3 prompt-based posts (logs or writing wall) per month in order to be considered active.  Players who have joined the game after December 10th, don't worry about activity checks for this month.

Happy New Year!  ♥

- Waitress Mod


Well hello there everyone! I'm Amy, and I'm bringing Der Tod in to play with you all.

Der Tod, is quite literally Death. Lord of the Dead and all that rot. He's an arrogant, manipulative bastard who cares little for anyone or any thing. Except for his object of obsession, the Empress Elisabeth, and possibly her son.

He's from the musical "Elisabeth", which is originally a German musical, though I'm pulling him from the Japanese Takarazuka version, specifically the 2007 Snow troupe production.

So yea, I'm bad at introductions. Feel free to say hi or whatever.

Mistletoe Hijinks

Okay, so as you may or may not know, this character right here - Tony - is a wizard in training and since the Holiday Season is coming up, I thought we could have a cute, optional side-event thing.

Here's the deal: the wait staff of the Cafe are decorating with mistletoe when they run out. And Tony, wanting to get some spell practice in, decides to help out by duplicating the mistletoe that's already hung. Unfortunately, Tony doesn't know how to dial his power back, and as a result the mistletoe he duplicates will actually compel the people standing under it to kiss, whether they want to or not.

Now, only a few spots in the Cafe will have magic mistletoe, so it's completely up to you whether you want your character to be caught under it or not. After a week, the magic will wear off and the mistletoe will go back to being normal decoration again.

Tony will be doing his wizard-fail thing starting this Sunday, December 6th going up until December 13th.

Have fun?



So... Hi.

I'm Kiki, and I'm bringing Lee Nicholas to the game, and I thought I might say a few things here so that we don't get all confused when information can be not that hard to find.

I live in Bulgaria. Which is in time zone GMT + 2. That is seven hours ahead of EST and ten hours ahead of PST. Which means that right now it's about 7 a.m. here, it's midnight on the East Coast, 11 p.m. in Chicago, and 9 p.m. in LA and Vancouver. If I end up tagging after a while, it might be just for the need to sleep. Or focus on work. Which would come at odd timing, most likely - don't panic?

Also, I am generally not too much into LJ games - most of my roleplaying has been happening on open comms such as sixwordstories; most of my prompt writing for writing comms such as TM or justprompts. That is put up here to say that if I breach common practice? Feel free to let me know. I'm highly unlikely to react negatively. :)

What else. I know this muse's canon (pretty freshly), and New Doctor Who / Torchwood canon up to a point (have been meaning to catch up!), and am slowly acquainting myself with Firefly/Serenity. This is just to let muns of the other fandoms know (yes, that includes Star Trek... I have seen a few episodes of TNG, a while back?) that I might be completely ignorant and if I write something absurd/inappropriate, don't fuss? (And, yeah, most likely it'll be IC dealing with it, but I thought that knowing it up front might be helpful.)

... things. Anything else? Questions?

Also, again, hi. I'm excited to be here!

Activity Reminder

Hello all, we're approaching the one month mark for the Cafe (congratulations!). I'd just like to remind everyone that each player is required to post three prompt-responses per month, unless they have given notice of hiatus here on the OOC comm. For those of you who have joined the game after November 7th, don't worry about activity checks or making your three prompt mark this month. Your Activity Checks will begin in December.

Also, a reminder that new prompts for December will be put up on November 30th. Please do remember to check the calendar and feel free to make your own prompt suggestions for the next month!

Happy Thanksgiving for any Americans in the game,

Waitressmod ♥

Welcome to the Cafe OOC~!

Now that the game is officially open for business, just a few friendly reminders and suggestions from the mods before we all start to play:

1)  If you haven't already, please make sure your character is on the Taken Characters List after it has been approved.  If your character's name isn't there, then people apping won't know not to app that character and we'll have a big mess on our hands, so please remember to do that.

2)  Take a look at the Prompt Calendar for November.  Your character can choose any of the three prompts on offer per week, or none of them, but a character needs to have three prompt-related posts for the entire month in order to make activity checks.  Please remember to tag your posts to the main comm with the prompt you're basing your post on.  All non-prompt posts must be in character journals, not the main comm.

3)  When in doubt, check the FAQ.  Still confused?  Ask a mod!  We're here to help.

4)  Introduce yourself in the OOC comm if you like!

5)  The game will officially open once the OPENING log post goes up in the main comm.  Players can thread interactions in this post without needing prompts.  See you there~